• Intelligent service station management

MANAGE - Targeted control

MANAGE includes the planning, management and controlling solutions of SIQMA. Control your business processes around the forecourt, shop and the central systems – targeted and straightforward.

All management functions, such as wet stock, merchandise or pricing, can be used via a browser and app; no matter where or when. You determine the direction, MANAGE paves the way.

With SIQMA BOS you have access to your sites data anytime anywhere. Cloud-based access means extreme flexibility when it comes to service station management. No matter whether you manage your sites on a laptop or a tablet PC, an internet connection is all you need. Even with our cloud-based solution, the full functionality of SIQMA BOS is available.

SIQMA Monitor oversees the functionality of your service station network. Based on average sales data that have been learned by the system, SIQMA Monitor recognizes deviations from the norm and shows these as an alarm message. Many problems such as card readers that have been blocked with chewing gum, broken nozzles or unreadable screens can be detected at an early stage and solved within a short time period. Especially for unmanned sites, this system represents a vital benefit because regular routine checkups on site can be reduced to a minimum.